How Leftists and Muslim Terrorists Are Exactly the Same

Emotions have a cause. The cause does not have to be rational, or true. But when you hate or love something, there is absolutely a reason for your emotions.

Leftists LOVE Islam. They hate Christianity. They LOATHE Jews. (Obviously, there are self-loathing Jews who are leftist).

What ideas comprising leftism lead to hatred of Judaism, and unconditional love of Islam?

I believe it’s epistemological, psychological authoritarianism. Muslims are usually wild with rage over the fact that others don’t agree with them. They define “freedom” as being able to live in a world where dissenters are extinguished. Hence all the terrorism. Leftists are exactly the same. They identify with this attribute of Islam. Most Christians and virtually all Jews simply wish to be left alone. Leftists cannot identify with this. They must have universal agreement with the pack, because leftists are pack animals. The idea of independence or individualism makes them literally crazy. They hate independent people for possessing virtues they know they never will.



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