Why DeSantis is Better than Haley

Although I supported Trump over DeSantis, DeSantis has valid reasons for opposing Trump. He cites Trump’s initial falling for the scamdemic, and his initial trust of Fauci. These are terrible errors on Trump’s part for which we all paid, and he paid.

Nikki Haley opposes Trump for reasons the Democrats want to hear. Although she is right on important issues (such as fiscal), her clear desire to be liked by Democrats, their media and their cultural establishment shows something is wrong with her. She expects us to believe she thought Trump an unstable man, yet she chose to work for him as U.N. ambassador. Based on her own claims, then, she has poor judgment.

Despite his disingenuous claim that he thinks Trump actually lost the election in 2020, I still trust DeSantis for his record in Florida, especially COVID fascism. I don’t trust Haley. Like a Bush or a Romney, she will turn on her promises the minute the New York Times pretends to like her for it.



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