Two More Traitors on the Supreme Court

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett, along with the other Supreme Court leftists, have decided 5-4 that Texas may not challenge the authority of the Biden regime to maintain an open border. [Story at Breitbart] Now do you see why I am not terribly hopeful the same Supreme Court will uphold Trump’s right to be on the ballot for President? I expect their argument is something like, “Border concerns are the job of the federal government, not the states.” What happens when the federal government openly acts to destroy itself and the country? If the federal government had openly sided with Hitler in WW II, to the point of providing them with bombs and soldiers, would the Supreme Court have said, “The military is under control of the federal government, and you must do what they say”? This is madness.

The only solution is to arrest every member of the Biden regime and prosecute them for treason. And, while we’re at it, let’s do that to Roberts and Coney Barrett. I know it won’t happen, which is why Texas should consider open defiance or even secession.



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