So What About DeSantis?

What about DeSantis? It doesn’t matter.

There are only 2 questions about the presidential race for 2024.

One, will Trump get past DemCom-RINO fraud and attempts to imprison him, and manage to win an election he likely could win, under legitimate conditions? If it were 1964, 1972 or 1980 and not 2024, Trump would pulverize Biden in a landslide. So would any opponent. But these are not your daddy’s or granddaddy’s times.

Two, will the country collapse into some more open form of civil war if Trump wins — or if Trump loses? Much depends on the economy. Most Americans are relatively prosperous, compared to past times in human history. But we could be one economic crisis away from the collapse of civilization when and if serious pocketbook issues bring the not-so-submerged animosities and divisiveness to the material, physical surface. Because that’s when blame will turn to rage, since impoverished people have much less left to lose.

Leftists and their RINO enablers — the people who run literally all of government and culture — are mean, nasty tyrants. They will not let go of power easily, and if Trump rises again and actually gives the Imperial City what it deserves this time, it’s going to be something none of us have seen in our lifetimes. All hell will break loose.

These are extraordinary times, more extraordinary (and dangerous) than most seem ready to admit. Especially all the hapless Fox News-type conservatives who plod along like we’re actually going to have a real or normal election this year. I expect as much from a Nikki Haley. But DeSantis? I honestly thought he was smarter than that. He embarrassed himself running against Trump. I promise you: Within weeks, all that will be forgotten.

Against such a backdrop, the little soap opera questions of who Trump will pick as VP, and all the rest, pale in comparison. You are in for one of history’s high tides, and I hope you’re ready.



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