No Whites Need Apply Comes to the Kitchen

A flour company is hosting a baking contest that will only allow people of color to participate.

King Arthur Baking Company is partnering with Project Potluck for this contest, with the winners receiving mentorship to help them grow their businesses and baking skills along with a grand prize of $10,000. However, in order to enter, people will need to reach a number of eligibility requirements, including having a business or bakery led by a person of color and being a community member of Project Potluck, among other requirements.

“People of Color defined as Asian or Pacific Islander; Black or African America; Hispanic or Latinx; Indigenous or Native American; Middle Eastern or North African,” King Arthur Baking Company’s contest page reads.

Project Potluck states on its website that it is focused on helping people of color build successful companies and careers in the consumer packaged goods industry. The organization states many leaders in the CPG industry are “overwhelmingly white” and that it is “here to change that.”

“We believe People of Color are powerful AF — and even more so when we work together,” according to the organization’s value section. “We commit to being in community with and empowering each other as a way of building our collective power and influence.”

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It’s for real. Jim Crow lives (in reverse).

If you bake, please boycott King Arthur flour. Forever.



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