DeSantis & Haley: Merrily They Roll Along

DeSantis and Haley carry on as if Donald Trump isn’t running for President, and as if they are actually winning, since Trump evidently does not exist. Child-like evasion of reality isn’t becoming in a presidential candidate. Of course, if they actually think any Republican has a chance of becoming President in a system rigged by government and media, and if they actually think they wouldn’t be crucified as brutally as President Trump was, then they can probably believe anything.

By the way, all this talk from The View, from Michelle Obama, from Barack Obama, and everywhere else in the Uniparty media that, “Trump’s going to win! Trump’s going to win!” is all part of the big lie. It’s as much a lie as the lie that Biden was actually elected in the first place, given all the unresolved and deliberately unaddressed questions of fraud evaded by the Supreme Court. The sociopaths in the Democrat-RINO coalition know they’ve “got this.” They can repeat their scam of 2020, and will add to it in ways we cannot yet imagine.

If you fall for that lie, you’re no less gullible than the gullible people who vote for “Democrats” thinking that (a) voting makes a difference, especially in blue or purple states, and (b) that socialism; bankrupting the treasury; degrading the currency; throwing the nation’s borders into chaos; replacing political concerns with the need to defend the country in the military; using woke social media corporations to censor free speech; outlawing fossil fuels; disarming the population while letting violent criminals onto the streets and over the borders; imposing a diet of bugs and root vegetables on your children’s and grandchildren’s generation; and forcing experimental medical treatment on the mass population all somehow make the world a better place.

To paraphrase the late, great George Carlin: It’s all B.S. … and it’s all bad for you.



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