America Is An Occupied Country

Imagine if the Nazis or Japanese had won World War II. They would have established a seat of government in DC, or NYC, and would proceed to dominate American businesses. They would have stirred up people in a campaign of divide and conquer. They would have ordered physicians and teachers to do their bidding. They would have infiltrated the military and police to act against the interests of America and its citizens, and solely for the interests of the people in power. Entertainment, sports and ordinary consumer products would all become politicized to intimidate unwilling participants into complying with the new regime. Elections would continue, but only as a rigged charade to make people feel like nothing had really changed and that they still had a voice. Serious political opposition would be prosecuted, imprisoned and labeled insurrectionists. Media would comply with everything.

How is what’s happening today ANY different?


[Meme courtesy of Richard Ruggerio on Facebook]

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