Even Ayn Rand Didn’t Predict 2024

Ayn Rand made (to me) a convincing case that full-blown, unregulated capitalism is not only the most economically sound, but also the most morally sound social system man can devise. The reason: It outlaws the initiation of force in human relations, utilizing government to uphold contracts and private property rights, all based on consensual activity. THAT’S ALL. This eliminates the role of politicians in dividing up the loot and redistributing even a penny of it based on political factors.

I don’t know that even as brilliant a thinker as Ayn Rand could have been expected to project what happens when individual men such as Bill Gates, George Soros or Mark Zuckerberg become billionaires under (hampered) capitalism and then proceed to use their money to do the very things the socialists, fascists and Communists wanted to do all along.

I suppose Rand’s answer would be something like: You can’t have your economic freedom and eat it too. As these capitalists-turned- Communists progressively, decisively destroy the legal, economic and psychological requirements of a free society, they impose on their own children and descendants what was never required of them: impoverishment, the death of innovation and the eradication of peaceful relations among trading, civilized individuals, something we all take for granted until it’s gradually obliterated by the effects of unlimited government regulation, bureaucracy, taxation and hyperinflation.

Yes, you smug leftists and socialists and green activists out there: You’ve apparantly won the battle for unlimited government. And that very victory ensures you’ll lose the war.



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