It’s Not About Secession; It’s About Liberation

One of the largest state governments defies the federal police charged with destroying the rights and well-being of the citizens of that state.

THIS is what the start of America’s second civil war looks like. War will solve nothing. So if you really care about people, support their right to declare independence from this monstrosity we have created in D.C.

Enough is enough.

Remember: The purpose of the United States federal government is to enforce the Bill of Rights, i.e., to enforce individual rights. When the federal government stops enforcing individual rights and actively acts against those rights, over and over, then the purpose of the federal government is gone. And the federal government has lost both its moral and legal legitimacy.

The same applies to any government, including a state government.

When state governments enforced slavery and (later) Jim Crow laws against the citizens of those states, the state governments lost their legitimacy. They were in violation of the U.S. Constitution. It was valid for the federal government to step in and make those state governments stop what they were doing. The federal government had the power.

The state governments whose rights are being violated by today’s federal government don’t have the power to stop the federal government. They can resist and withdraw, as Texas is starting to do. Refusal to enforce the borders of Texas is a violation of the U.S. Constitution and the state of Texas. Actively and indiscriminately bringing immigrants into the state, in order to attempt to increase the Democratic Party population of otherwise “red state” Texas, is obscene in the extreme. That in itself removes all moral legitimacy from the Biden regime, and there are so very, very many other violations we could enumerate, far beyond anything the British monarchy did to the colonists back in the 1770s.

It’s not a matter of being “for secession.” It’s a matter of liberating the individual from the tyranny of oppression. The United States federal government is no longer merely flawed. It has grown into a monster. And it has to be fought and opposed, because we simply have no other choice, other than to have our rights trampled on by the twisted little leftists who reside in places like NYC, DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and all the other places trying to impose their totalitarian, ruthless will on the rest of the country.

If we don’t stop it, nobody will.



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