Masculinity/Femininity in an Age of Unreason

The quote in the meme on this page created quite a stir on my social media accounts. Some people thought it sexist and anti-female; others thought it was right on the money.

Unfortunately, more women than men have bought into the ideas of socialism and anti-individualism, and that’s just a fact. But some of the exceptions — Ayn Rand, Margaret Thatcher come to mind — have been spectacular. Also, Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Paterson. Women like this have been superior to most of the men of our age. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with femininity or women, metaphysically speaking. That would be sexist, by any rational definition, to claim. But too many women — and more and more men, all the time — have abandoned the ideas of independence, self-reliance, self-responsibility that enabled America and the West to be such desirable places for a number of generations. Granted, America was always a work in progress, but it was going in the right direction until people began to attack rational, good values and the inherent decency of freedom — often, in the name of championing the cause of women. If I were a woman, I’d be furious that such stupidity was done in my name, the same way it has been done in the name of advancing the rights of blacks, etc. Women need individualism, independence, economic and personal freedom as much as men (if anything, more desperately, given the fact that women were denied individual and property rights in earlier generations). Except for a tiny number of elites who will always be OK, we’re all going down as rationality and freedom die in our culture … both men and women.

The big problem is that we live in an Age of Unreason. Neither masculinity nor femininity — rationally defined — can ever hope to withstand it. And with the decline in the standard of living made inevitable by the collapse of economic freedom, you can better believe that women will suffer even more than men, if anything.



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