When America Goes Down, There’s No Place to Run

Thomastown, County Kilkenny, Ireland. [Photo by Rafat Sych, Facebook]

At one point, I considered Ireland as an alternative to America, if America continues its downward spiral into legally mandated psychosis.

Then I discovered Ireland had repealed any notion of due process concerning “transgenders.” If the police suspect you are harboring any written material in your house offensive to transgenders, your house can be raided at any time.

Ireland is essentially now Canada, or California. Or America, in another several years. Just loving all this progress! It’s like living in a psychiatric ward in the Middle Ages.

As President Ronald Reagan used to say, there was no place to flee after America. America was the last stand, the only free place that ever existed on earth.

Leftists are smug, pretentious and arrogant. But they also are incredibly stupid. They think they’re special, and that they’re the first. But totalitarians have been the norm, not the exception, throughout human history. America’s founders were the exception.

Leftists (and their RINO brethren) are unique, in one respect. They are the first totalitarians or authoritarians in human history to control the thoughts and speech of their victims — while leaving millions of those victims armed.

Pretty stupid.

Conservatives and other dissidents need to figure out how to stop talking and start ACTING. What actions make most sense to thwart the will of the totalitarian twits taking over the entire world? Instead, we have talk radio and Donald Trump. And even if Donald Trump does get a second term, what can he do that won’t be undone in 3 years time, just like before?

“Well done is better than well said,” as Ben Franklin said. We could sure use his kind today!



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