Today’s Anti-Capitalists LOATHE Capitalism But LOVE Money

Capitalism merely refers to economic freedom, paired with total separation of business and state, where all property is privately owned. We have nothing like that today. Nevertheless, anti-capitalists thrive in academia, media, government and the corporate world as never before.

Today’s anti-capitalists are interesting. They don’t know anything about business. They’ve never met payroll. Most either live in their parents’ basements or off the largesse of government. They hate capitalism. They sneer at business. But they love money. Their desire for material things is boundless. They have no clue of what creates it all; and they feel no obligation to find out. They are smug, arrogant, pretentious and often hold great psychological power over loved ones, or literal power over others (through political office). Yet they are dependent on the very thing they must have: money. But it’s always somebody else’s money. Without somebody willing to labor, think, work hard, take risks, or otherwise persevere under something like capitalism, they have no chance.

The Harvard presidents, the D.C. swamp, the entire media, the entire school system, the entire corporate world: They all LOATHE capitalism and the virtues capitalism requires. Yet they LOVE money.

Somewhere along the way, this lethal contradiction will bite them in the ass.



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