Dealing With Difficult People

People who treat you poorly almost always treat themselves at least as badly. Their mistreatment of you is an extension of their mistreatment of themselves.

Have you ever tried to associate with an alcoholic, drug or gambling addict? It’s not pretty. But neither are their own lives. In fact, their poor treatment of you pales compared to what they’ve done to themselves.

I’m not just talking about addicts, but anyone who’s self-defeating. Their perpetual, chronic lifestyle of self-defeat becomes YOUR self-defeat; merely by hanging around them, you take the hits. If you let it, their ultimate self-destruction (if it goes that far) will be YOUR self-destruction, too. Don’t let that happen!

Caveat: If we’re talking about narcissists or sociopaths, then ignore most of what I just wrote. They ARE taking care of themselves (or at least they think so), and they ARE out to harm or exploit you. Fortunately, most people are not narcissists or sociopaths. Don’t rush to diagnose them without really knowing for sure. However, most of the people in positions of authority and power (in today’s corrupted society) ARE narcissists and sociopaths. Treat them like the enemies they are.



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