Critical Thinking: You Cannot Live Without It

When person A accuses person B of offenses for which there’s no evidence, it’s reasonable to start speculating on whether person A is guilty of those offenses himself.

In other words: When DemComs and RINOs accuse Donald Trump, over and over, of things for which there’s no evidence — and for which evidence is not seen as necessary — then you’re right to become suspicious of DemComs and RINOs. Especially when those DemComs and RINOs are already, in office, doing the things they claim Donald Trump will do if returned to office. Things, by the way, which Donald Trump never did do while in office the first time, but which DemComs and RINOs have done for years, and have done even more aggressively (and desperately) since Donald Trump came on the scene politically.

It does not take a massive IQ to figure this all out. But it does take a willingness and ability to engage in critical thinking. Too many people assume “it can’t happen here” or “so long as my pet issues are taken care of, I don’t care who’s in power.” The problem with these views and attitudes is they’re short-sighted. You cannot ignore the choices of people who seek to seize and use totalitarian power. “Totalitarian” means everything. This means that every aspect of your life will be affected, both directly and indirectly, once they have ALL of the power they seek, rather than much of the power, which is the case right now.

Consider the COVID era. The government ran every aspect of your life. You were told it was an emergency, and you believed it despite evidence to the contrary. For example, where were the millions of deaths predicted early on when we were required to “flatten the curve”?

When the people seeking more and more power over everyone’s life tell lies and then act like they don’t tell lies — and then accuse anyone who exposes them of being a liar himself — then you’re dealing with very bad people. Critical thinking is not a luxury. It’s not dutiful work. It’s a necessity. Your life depends on it, because your freedom depends on it; and without freedom (for yourself and for others), there is no life. Not life as you’ve known it.



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