A Sailor’s Musings

I am not a sailor, but this still struck a chord with me. Thanks Richard Ruggiero for sharing it on Facebook.

A solo sailors understanding of life is like no others. Extreme isolation brings life into perspective.

The only way to experience extreme isolation and dependency for most of us, is by yourself on a yacht.

The reality that the ocean will kill you if you make a bad decision, and help is too far away is a heavy one. Your life relys solely on you craft, it’s condition, and the decisions you make. Your supplies are finite, there is no more. Most people don’t truly understand the word finite, only come close by accidentally dropping the last roll of TP in the head.

There is no one to talk to, no people, no birds, not even ants. No life. No one. You live in your head.

The loneliness and emptiness, the sheer vastness, it’s very, very real, almost tangible. You realize all you had, and took for granted. You think of things in the past. You will hear things and you will see things that aren’t there.

All of the people you care for, and who care for you will come into mind, and you begin to question your sanity. Your only recourse is to shift to whats ahead, and stay the course.

Your life will have a clarity never before known.

Only those who have experienced this type of isolation can understand.

Only the strongest of mind go back.

Here is to my fellow sailors.

As we enter the new year, I wish everyone a clear course. Christopher Columbus said.

“The sea grants each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home.”

So on that note,

May your anchor be tight, Your cork be loose, your rum be spiced, and your compass be true!

– Marcus Golden


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