Remove Biden from Ballots? Sure! BUT …

I like the idea of removing Biden from the ballot in every state that removes Trump. But don’t you see? America is already no longer a free, democratic republic the moment we go down this road. The people who control the elections, the judiciary, the prisons and the military will NOT permit their puppet’s removal from any ballot. Even if they did, there would be no election to fight over.

It’s over. That’s ok. The USA had a great run. Its example will never be ignored, or forgotten. BUT: Millions of Americans no longer want the Bill of Rights. They don’t want you or I to have rights — not if we want to oppose or dispute them in any way. The younger generation (70 percent, at least) don’t even know what rights and freedom are.

Trump could be gone tomorrow, and the leftist attitude would not change. They are tripling down for tyranny, with or without him. Poor saps like Nikki Haley, who desperately wish to be liked by the New York Times and CNN, are useful idiots.

The only thing left to fight for is freedom. Freedom still matters, and will always matter. But I am sorry to say that the “America” you still wish to fight for is an abstraction. The proof of this? Everything that’s happening with this 2024 election fiasco. It’s a sick joke: The open rigging of a nonexistent choice designed to trap you in a dictatorship. No conspiracy at all. Right in the light of day. With only your denial to obscure it.



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