California, Here We Go!

California’s population has decreased for the third straight year. Even with a massive influx of immigrants incentivized to live off state and federal handouts.

Why would anyone leave California? For all of its history, people have rushed TO California. What has changed since 2020?

Isn’t it obvious? Communism isn’t popular with the people who must put up with its worst consequences. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, even the rich are starting to exit.

What will California do? Build a wall? Tax people for leaving? I am told by former California residents that the second is in the works. As for the wall: It wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

The best hope for California Commiefascists: For the rest of America to become them. Unless free states don’t shed the Uniparty regime and soon, this will happen. On with the divorce! The D.C. swamp is beyond reform. Just exit it. Beautiful California will implode. The people there will have to start over, just like in America’s ruined cities.



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