Will America’s Cold Civil War Turn Hot?

Will America’s Cold Civil War turn hot, and if so, what will a hot civil war look like in the 2020s or 2030s? Snowflakes vs. country boys? A U.S. military controlled by powerful wokester generals who can’t recruit as many good soldiers as in the past? Or nuclear or biological attacks on conservative regions by a lawless federal regime funded by billionaire leftists?

Or will the bad guys simply collapse, imploding from within, as the Soviets ultimately did before the original Cold War could ever turn hot? Can environmentalist whackos and gender dysphoria totalitarians really defeat what’s left of salt-of-the-earth Americans?

A poll reported by Breitbart News states that about 20 percent want Donald Trump executed, exiled or jailed for life.

I believe it.

First they want Trump executed. Then you’re next, if you agree with him — or if you disagree with them, about anything. BLM meant it back in 2020 when they said to rural and red state America, “We’re coming for you next.”




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