Leftists-RINOs Are Fighting Like It’s WW II — and They’re Winning

Former mayor of NYC Rudy Giuliani has been ordered to pay nearly $150 million in damages to Atlanta election workers whose feelings were hurt by his perfectly legal, moral right to challenge certain aspects of the 2020 election results in Georgia.

Giuliani — himself one of the world’s most accomplished prosecutorial lawyers — has stated that this absurd, unprecedented decision does not reflect the rule of law.

Of course it doesn’t. But we’re no longer living under the rule of law. We are in a civil war being orchestrated by an occupation federal government — in actuality, by a lawless, amoral gang of thugs. These thugs have taken control of the very powerful government originally created by a mostly free, and mostly decent people who no longer are in charge of their own republic.

The people orchestrating this war are doing so openly, explicitly and without the slightest deviation. They’re fighting this war at least as decisively as the U.S. and its allies fought against Hitler and the Japanese in World War II.

And yet the victims of the attacks are fighting back … hardly at all. God bless Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani for what they’re trying to do. But they’re losing every battle, and the war itself. And conservatives continue to hold out hope that their falling leaders will somehow, at the 11th hour, come to the rescue and make it all go away. How? In an “election” run by the very people getting ready to financially ruin and/or imprison anyone who dares question the results of the rather openly done cheating of the last “election.” Good grief!!

It’s horrifying to watch. But while it has the essential components of a nightmare, it’s no nightmare. It’s the real deal.

And rest assured: The unchallenged, unblinking grifters, narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths in media, academia and the Uniparty of our government who are doing this to Giuliani and Trump are coming for everyone else too … everyone who won’t succumb to their uniparty, dictatorial will. It won’t all consist of court cases. It will consist of further restrictions on free speech, further release of violent criminals, further collapse of the country’s border, more arbitrary medical mandates, green mandates … and all kinds of things we don’t yet know about.

Evil has to be fought with at least twice the force it uses against its victims. Thus far, that’s not happening.


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