Today’s Elite Tyrants Will Pound Us to Dust, If We Let Them

America’s government is a cartel: No consistently applied rule of law, no preservation of individual rights, nothing left preserving. Not at the federal level, and not at the state level in places like California and New York, run by fascists and totalitarian thugs. Until they’re all arrested, we cannot move forward. Trump’s reelection–which cannot happen, precisely because our government is now a cartel–would not save us. It didn’t save us in 2020, so what would be different now?

These people will pound us into enslavement, anarchy or whatever fills their pocketbooks and satisfies their unquenchable thirst for unlimited power. They are at war with Americans, most of whom think it will suddenly end … somehow. Magical thinking will not save us. Only strong action and widespread resistance will. Most do not seem ready. Sadly, it’s the exact same story of other fallen civilizations. In this respect, America is not special.



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