The Coming American Divorce

You can’t save a person from himself. You can’t rescue a person who doesn’t wish to be rescued. The same applies to a nation. If a nation — even a great and special one, such as America — does not wish to be rescued, or to rescue itself — then nothing will change. It will simply have to play out.

Even if we had honest national elections, we could not vote our way to rationality. You have to be rational to know HOW to vote. Ignorance has led a majority of people to conclude that either they don’t need freedom, or that freedom will always exist because — well because it’s America. They fail to realize how rare and vulnerable freedom is.

Elections will not turn magical thinkers into realistic thinkers. Magical thinking and ignorance got us into this mess. Elections will not matter, and politics will not matter, until people start to think rationally and intelligently.

The bad news is that most are not at present, and have not for some time, thought especially rationally or intelligently. The good news is that the choice to do so is always there. It will be a painful process of hitting bottom. Many will not come through. But some will, and things will someday be better. When? Only time and the choices of people will tell.


New Hampshire is considering writing secession into its Constitution, once the federal debt goes above $40 trillion. Vermont and Texas are also considering secession.

Is the USA breaking apart?

Here’s what I think will happen: The U.S. debt will continue to rise. At some point, the federal government will be inoperable, if the wokesters, climate alarmists and medical fascists don’t wreck it all first. Hyperinflation may render the American dollar worthless, or at least impoverish much of the middle class by present standards. Lots of things can happen. When it does, secession will almost be beside the point. It will be economics that brings about the end of the American republic.

We will probably see a bunch of different little republics in places that used to be a unified republic. Socialist Vermont — they will have old school socialism. California will be an American version of Communist China. New York will split into red and blue. NYC will be all out dystopian, as is already happening. Pennsylvania and Illinois will similarly split between urban and rural. Ditto for the Pacific Northwest, which will split rural vs. Communist urban. States like Texas will be semi-capitalist, semi-free with religious overtones, although the cities of these former red states will reject religion and be more socialist. Who knows? There may be some good to it all. We will certainly see diversity. Crime will be horrible in the cities and contained in rural, conservative areas via local militias and well-armed citizens.

One thing is for sure. Look at Washington DC. Look at Congress, and even much of the Supreme Court. Fauci, the Deep State. It’s a mess! It’s the fall of the Roman Empire on steroids. Biden could be our puppet Nero. We cannot and will not go on like this. This country is just one nasty recession or depression away from an irreconcilable breakup.

Right now, it’s basically Social Security and Medicare holding the federal union together. Without national borders or any remote consensus anymore on the Bill of Rights, even the First and Second Amendments, it’s hard to see a republic lasting another century or even 50 years. America, even now, seems more like an abstraction than a reality.


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