Yet ANOTHER Democrat Who Wants to Be President

Joe Manchin is the latest little tyrant who fancies himself a President. He says he wants to “mobilize the middle.” Based on his record, what this actually means is: Agree with the Commiefascists verbally half the time, while voting for and implementing their policies ALL of the time.

“The middle” is a fiction. Either you support tyranny, or you don’t. With the radical left in charge of government, education, medical care, media and counting votes on Election Day, we are so WAY beyond moderation. Get real!

By the way: Being President meant something when the country wasn’t $35 trillion in debt, morally bankrupt and in a state of total betrayal of its Bill of Rights. Being President meant something when you had to be of a caliber such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Maidson, James Monroe or John Adams.

For someone like Joe Biden to become President — even as a puppet — something must have gone horribly, irreparably wrong with the office and the republic it was supposed to represent. Even if Joe Manchin could become President on his phony platform of “moderation” — it would not be a compliment.



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