A PAUSE in Defeating Hamas? Seriously?!

The idea of a PAUSE in a war is a vicious contradiction.

If a war is not morally justified, you shouldn’t merely pause the war — you should stop it.

If a war IS morally justified — meaning, it’s for objective self-defense — then pausing it would be an act of self-destruction.

Think about what a pause in a legitimate war would mean. Imagine if the American colonists had paused against striking their British opponents back in the 1770s. Imagine if the Allies in World War II had paused against the Japanese terrorists or the Nazi thugs.

The people demanding a pause in the Israeli war against baby-beheading Hamas are on the side of Hamas. We know that, because they openly say so, and because they openly called for the destruction of Israel prior to this present war breaking out.

The one exception is the Biden regime. The Biden regime says, “We stand squarely behind Israel.” But then they demand the same thing that Hamas and its allies who want Israel destroyed demand: a pause in the conflict.

The Biden regime, for propaganda purposes since some of its supporters consist of actual Jews and other advocates of Israel, wants to have it both ways. That’s not unusual for a politician. But when the stakes are this high?

The pro-Palestinian thugs storming the White House doors are more logically consistent than the Biden regime. The Biden regime wants to have its support for Israel and eat it too. The pro-Palestinian thugs realize that’s not possible. Either you support the annihilation of Israel, or you don’t. And we know which side they are on.

Only the losing side would ever demand a pause. The Palestinians, in demanding a pause, have implicitly acknowledged they cannot win. Israel is probably only using 10 percent of its actual military might. Imagine if they used 50 percent of it — or all of it. The war would be over very quickly.

The Palestinians know they can’t win militarily. But they also know their opposing side (represented by America’s government) has no moral spine; and the Israelis, while certainly courageous, are not acting morally consistent enough, so far.

Civilized Americans are entitled to say to Israelis: “We stand by you. As Americans, please … do NOT listen to the corrupt, illegitimate American government. They are the bad guys, as much as Hamas. They — not we — are your enemy.”

Incredibly, the pro-Palestinian protesters show more moral spine than the advocates of Israel.

That’s the crazy, perverted characteristic of our age. The bad guys stand tall and are “principled.” The good guys waver, apologize and look guilty, as even Netanyahu seems to do when lectured to by the shrill, nasty American regime, presided over by the imbecilic, demented, ice-cream eating puppet.

Don’t misunderstand me. Bad guys have no principles worthy of the name. But compared to their opponents, who will not exercise any moral spine whatsoever, they seem like the strong ones. Even though militarily, they’re losing.

These are awful, awful times. And so utterly unnecessary. Hamas and its totalitarian, insane equivalents could be wiped out very quickly. The “left” and the “right” should actually agree on this one, in the United States. Conservatives like a strong military and defense; and leftists claim to oppose religious authoritarianism. Who on earth is more religiously authoritarian than the brutal, intolerant Muslims represented by Hamas, Iran, ISIS and all the others?

But instead, even the American government sides with the bad guys, in practice, while trying to have it both ways verbally.

I suppose when Biden finally croaks and gets replaced by a more all-the-way leftist, then we’ll have words and deeds match. Under a Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama or AOC regime, who knows…the USA might even attack Israel.

At this juncture, I will believe anything is possible.



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