Why People Don’t Wish to Change Their Minds

“It is better to be silent than to dispute with the ignorant.” (Pythagoras)

You must distinguish between honest ignorance and dishonest, willful ignorance. The world is FULL of the latter.

If someone is honestly ignorant and you inform them of their error, you have helped them — and they will be grateful.

But most of the things people fight about are not like that.

Years ago, someone I knew tried to recommend Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged” as a powerful antidote to the growing welfare state. The man replied, “I know about that book. Why would I read that? It challenges everything I was taught to believe.”

Most are not this candid about it. But that’s where most people stand. They don’t want to change their beliefs. We’re seeing it right now — in especially grotesque form — with the Palestinian/Israel issue. The leftists and the Democrats don’t want to hear how Israel engages in self-defense, while terrorist groups like Hamas or terrorist-sponsoring governments, like Iran, openly and proudly INITIATE the use of force. They don’t want to hear about a moral distinction between those who initiate force and those who simply retaliate against its use. All they know is, “Israel big capable guys — BAD! — and Palestinians poor, hapless victims — GOOD!” If you challenge them, you get screams in the form of anti-Semitism.

Interestingly, the leftists always seem to side with the INITIATORS of brute force — in this case, the Muslims and Palestinians. It’s because, as totalitarian collectivists themselves, they relate to the thugs. They are thugs, themselves, as we see when they release violent criminals onto the urban streets of America. They root for the bad guys because they ARE bad guys.

Whether the issues involve more mundane, everyday issues, or issues of morality, the fact remains: most people, most of the time, don’t want to be challenged. When they do — it’s golden. But don’t expect it as the norm, because it’s not the norm. Especially in these times, which are so very, very irrational and anti-intellectual.


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