America Doesn’t Need a New Speaker. America Needs a New Revolution.

Here’s a measure I would LOVE to see the U.S. House pass (and mean):

“Standing with Israel as it defends itself against the barbaric war launched by Hamas and other terrorists, including all members of the terrorist Biden regime and its supporters who still actively fund terrorist-sponsoring Iran and, in some cases, openly cheer the barbarism against Jews in Israel. Steps should be taken in America to arrest and prosecute as traitors Biden, his Cabinet, his VP, members of Congress and other high level officials responsible for actively supporting the arming of America’s most mortal enemies, Iran, and the destruction of our only actual ally in the economically and strategically crucial Middle East, Israel.”

New Speaker of the House. So? Presiding over the fiscal and moral bankruptcy of a republic is no honor. It’s just sad.

The House of Representatives should be treating the executive branch of the federal government like the tyranny it actually, objectively is. Think about it. The party in power uses the executive branch it controls, along with most of the courts (and a Supreme Court that will do nothing), to persecute and prosecute their primary political opponent, Donald Trump, the most recent president. They do so on the premise, “Trump wasn’t a real president. He didn’t count. Americans have rights, but he has no rights. And if you support him too strenuously, you have no rights, either.”

Once a government goes down this road — and gets away with it — there’s no going back. We are officially, actually and irreparably a dictatatorship. Leftists and anti-Trump RINOs smugly think, “Well, Trump deserves it.” Just like many of them say, “Well, Israel deserves it.”

They are too stupid or too intellectually dishonest to think in principle.

Thinking in principle simply means: “If it can happen to him, it can happen to me.”

Think of Castro at the time of the Cuban Communist revolution. He befriended all the newspaper reporters. Once in power, he jailed or murdered the journalists he disliked. Those journalists were all left-wingers; they supported Communism and Castro, but once you’ve got a dictatorship, there is no principle. There’s the whim of the dictatorship — whether it’s a one man show, like Castro, or an Americanized “politiburo,” with a figurehead (Biden, at the moment) and a bunch of oligarchs and corporate billionaires with connections to the government running the show (none the least of which, Obama in his third, fourth and fifth terms).

If you had relatives who died or suffered in World War II, or Vietnam, or other more recent American wars, ask yourself if this is what they died for.

WE are the generation losing the republic that Ben Franklin and others famously left us.

And we’re losing it to the greatest bunch of smug, inept morons the world has ever seen in a position of such power. It’s  more unimaginable than anything projected by Orwell, but it’s actually happening. Right now.

It’s not a matter of starting a civil war or an insurrection. We are already experiencing one.

Unfortunately, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are 100 percent on the losing side, as of this moment.



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