America’s “Progressive” Leftists Are Terrorists — Just Like Hamas

I am SICK of the pretense. American “progressive” leftists — including America’s present government — are a legitimized gang of terrorists. They are at least as morally bad as the baby-beheading terrorists destroying Israel. I wish the Bidenistas the very same fate as I wish the Hamas terrorists. They deserve that fate even more, so far as I’m concerned. They won’t get it, because they are in charge and have successfully tripled down on their power over both government and culture with a decisiveness and effectiveness that any Hitler, Castro or Stalin would envy.

They — and I mean all of you leftist supporters — are the enemy every bit as much as Hamas. I don’t know what to do about that fact. But I know solutions will come once more of us on the right side start to acknowledge the fact, instead of wallowing in denial and evasion of facts. “Oh, gee, do you think Trump will win the election next year?” My, we are way, way past that point!

“House Republicans sent a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Monday, asking for a briefing about how closely the Department of Defense is monitoring the flow of U.S. weaponry to Hamas and used in their terrorist onslaught against key ally Israel, the Washington Examiner reported.” [Newsmax report]

Good grief. Talk about pretense. Republicans know full well that the Biden regime’s “defense secretary” isn’t actively “monitoring” the presence of American weapons in the hands of Hamas. The Biden regime (a puppet government with a clueless, demented “leader”) WANTS weapons in the hands of Hamas.

The Biden regime is openly committed to the destruction of America. We see that in its actions every single day.

The “Democratic” party is openly committed to the destruction of not just America, but all things rational, Western, and even semi-capitalistic or semi-free.

Democrats — like all Communists and socialists today — love money; but only in their own hands. They want everyone else — especially dissenters — poor.

And yes, Israel is far too civilized and Western and free for them. Democrats are totalitarians and statists first. Sure, they disparage religion. They pose as secularists. But their love of totalitarianism trumps their hatred of religion. So they’re just fine with the Muslim religion, at least for now, because the Muslim religion — with American arms — will destroy Israel and (ultimately) America. They’ll take care of the Muslims later.

As for the “average” or ordinary Americans who now virtue signal to their friends that they side with Hamas over Israel … they’re incredibly stupid, and incredibly ignorant. They are mortally disgusting and irredeemably depraved.

They think they’re siding with the “underdog.” They think Israel is big and therefore “mean.” They don’t grasp (or care to understand) the story of Israel not just as a Jewish state, but as a beacon of freedom, material progress and individual rights in the otherwise materially and morally moribund Middle East. Not to mention we still depend on oil from the Middle East, given the fact that envirofascists (also supported by these ignorant Democrat-supporting idiots) won’t let us drill or otherwise manufacture oil anywhere near the United States, as the Trump administration had been moving us toward effectively.

I continue to maintain the sadly obvious: We — the liberty-loving and the life-loving — are the victims of the greatest murder-suicide in human history.

The leftists, their RINO enablers (i.e., most Republicans in power) and their enablers throughout the corporate, educational and entertainment culture (i.e., virtually everywhere) are literally destroying us.

Can’t you see that the sacrifice of Israel is just one more symptom?



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