Israel Goes to War

I have wondered for years how most Jews, even at this moment, remain unyielding, hard core leftist Democrats. You cannot reason with them. They call Trump a Nazi, even as Biden’s regime funds the arms and ideas required for the annihilation of Israel. They are CERTAIN that the only anti-Nazis are the ones who, like Biden, pour billions into Iran, Hamas and the others. I cannot think of any other motive for a Jew to be a Democrat, at this point … no motive other than a self-loathing so intense that it would make Hitler blush.

[Fox News photo and headline]

Benjamin Netanyahu has declared that the nation is “at war” and the terrorists “will pay a price it has never known before.”

Here’s hoping.

Since 9/11 and for years before, terrorists got away with EVERYTHING. We went from the weakness of the Clinton and Bush years to the outright siding with and arming of terrorists by Obama and Biden. We had a brief break during the 4 glorious Trump years.

Terrorism would not be such a problem if they didn’t get away with EVERY SINGLE ACT OF DESTRUCTION THEY PERPETRATE.

Here’s hoping Netanyahu goes all the way, in a fashion that will make AOC and other American leftists swoon with woke horror.

Imagine if Trump and Netanyahu were both in office. This would be over mighty quickly.

As a reader points out, entirely correctly, “If Trump and Netanyahu were in power at the same time, this would have never happened. The demented emperor installed in the US is the weak link.”

I will only add that the demented emperor is not all THAT demented. He knows what he’s doing, at least when he’s alert. And the people he works for (Obama, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Susan Rice, Michelle Obama, the Clintons, Soros, others), just like their Islamic terrorist cohorts, of course want Israel destroyed. They play the “pro-Israel” game verbally, and probably for their pocketbooks, but in the final analysis they’re the ones feeding billions a month to a country (Iran) who supports the very terrorism engulfing Israel now.

As Israel fights for its survival, the U.S. military fixates on the rights of male soldiers to wear dresses and be called women.

Biden’s teleprompter says he’s “got Israel’s back.” Does this mean no more billions to Iran?

People (leftists, RINOs, Commiefascists, the usual suspects) screaming about the evil of Israel are missing the point. The country who upholds individual rights the most wins, morally speaking. The Palestinians and Iranians are totalitarians. In Israel you get a measure of individual rights and economic freedom, probably more than the United States at this point. I am sure some of the criticisms of Israel’s government are probably right. But compared to the evil hellholes of Iran and these amoral savage terrorist gangs like Hamas, the sort who perpetrated 9/11, treating them as morally equivalent or even superior? Not buying it!

When you empower rapists, thugs and looters, you get San Francisco and NYC. When you empower Iran and Hamas, you get Israel.

If you are upset about Israel–especially if you are Jewish–and if you maintain that Biden was a better option than Trump, then all I can say is you’re deserving exactly what you’re getting. ZERO sympathy and empathy for leftists and anti-Trumpers. Zero.



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