World War III At Our Doorstep?

Trump treated Iran (Terrorism Central) as a foe, and Israel as a staunch ally.

Biden treated Iran as a staunch ally, and only pretended Israel was an ally.

Observe the results.

Savages & terrorists have nothing to live for.

Israelis have everything to live for.

Who wins?

A reader on Facebook wrote me: In either case, America loses. No more foreign wars. Bring the troops home to defend American borders. Deport the fifth-columnists and duel “citizens.”

Fair enough. You are not Israel’s keeper. But your life depends on oil, and since the environmentalists will not permit us to produce oil in North America, we are dependent on the Middle East and therefore have some stake in Israel, given that it’s the only pro Western government in that part of the world. If we could restore and keep Trump policies, it would be different, because America was actually headed for oil independence until Biden.

With WW III at our doorstep, I am not sure which is worse.

(1) The fact that the people in power who brought us this mess aren’t going anywhere, thanks to rigged elections and unaddressed election fraud; or,

(2) The fact that millions who vote Democrat will triple down and vote even more enthusiastically for the Commiefascists they call “progressive” who are literally destroying the world.

Heaven help Israel — AND America.



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