Israel and the Ayn Rand Institute

For those of you who love Ayn Rand’s ideas and (in contradiction) support the Ayn Rand Institute, notice (as Rand would say) the chickens coming home to roost: love of Israel (they claim), while supporting the anti-American, pro-Iran demented tyrant Biden over Trump. And yes, they will find a way to blame Trump for this. If you’re going to follow leftists, at least follow the real thing. Just turn on MSNBC.

Ayn Rand, by the way, was unequivocal in her support of the Israeli state over the terrorist gangs surrounding it:

If you mean whose side one should be on, Israel or the Arabs, I would certainly say Israel because it’s the advanced, technological, civilized country amidst a group of almost totally primitive savages who have not changed for years and who are racist and who resent Israel because it’s bringing industry, intelligence, and modern technology into their stagnation.



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