You Cannot Tell Me You’re Surprised

It’s easy to criticize Israel, just like it’s easy to criticize the United States. Sure, Israel could be better. It could have less socialism, more freedom, and be dedicated to the individual rights of man, not just Jews. But consider the alternative, especially in that part of the world. If you were Jewish and lived in that part of the world, you’d treasure a haven for Jews. And even if you weren’t Jewish, if you were rational you’d find Israel more respectful of your rights than a country like — say — Iran.

Yet America, who once stood for freedom, now gives money and open moral support to Iran, the exact opposite of Israel in every respect. The issue isn’t Jews versus Muslims, necessarily; the issue is relative freedom and prosperity versus absolute, totalitarian rule by thugs.

Iran, Hamas and these other terrorist groups would be nearly powerless if the leftists who run America (culturally and politically) were not so in love with their penchant for nihilism and destruction. But as America goes down, so too does Israel.

Unlike the way America looks right now, Israel — if it goes down at all — will go down fighting. But it might not even go down. And it will be no thanks to help from the ruthless, depraved thugs in the Biden regime who represent the occupied American republic.

You cannot tell me you’re surprised.

Remember one thing:

Hamas and Iran are evil. The Biden regime is no better. The Biden regime is funding them, and serving as their champions.



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