Biden’s Dictatorship: WORSE Than Putin’s Dictatorship

“Zelensky’s wife [First Lady of Ukraine] gets to spend over a million dollars in NYC at a Cartier boutique and American taxpayers get to foot the bill. Got it,” says BrooklynP8triot on Twitter/X.

Evidently some people don’t agree this is true, despite the photo evidence of the Ukrainian First Lady in New York City to back it up.

They cite, as evidence, stories from the Washington Post and the New York Times. Why, those publications would never lie!

She looks pretty well dressed for a woman coming from an impoverished, war-torn country. Trolls, please go home. Stay off my threads. You have 99.99 percent of the Internet, plus social media, to advance your false alternatives, including the idea that to oppose billions (ultimately trillions?) in foreign aid to the Ukraine is automatically and always a good thing, and to suggest otherwise is to advocate for the dictatorship of Putin. For God’s sake, supposed liberty and freedom lovers, GROW UP.

The bottom line here?

Putin’s dictatorship is bad. Biden’s is worse. Ukraine is on Biden’s side.



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