Politics Doesn’t Matter; Freedom Does

All this talk of politics. But who cares? What’s at stake here are the RIGHTS OF MAN. It doesn’t matter which metaphorical sports team — the Democrats or the Republicans — gets to violate the rights of man, exploit his wealth, and enslave his body and property. It doesn’t matter who the team leader is for either of these camps. All that matters is: our freedom.

Our freedom is what’s at stake here. If you don’t care about your freedom, then you deserve what you get — and right now, you’re getting it, from both parties. If you do care about your freedom, fight for that: Not over Kevin McCarthy. In five minutes, he’ll be forgotten. The state of the American republic — once called the last, best hope of man — will not be.

It’s not Republicans v. Democrats. It’s the Uniparty v. Liberty.

Side with Liberty.

Republicans, to matter, should go as far right as Democrats have gone left. Enough is enough.



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