United Democrats-Plus-RINOs Stand: To Destroy America

Yes, unlike Republicans, Democrats are united: in an unblinking desire to wreck America.

The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives has been forced to vacate the chair. Can we vacate the White House too? It’s not like the occupant of the White House would know the difference.

Just give him an ice cream cone.

If we could paralyze the Senate, President and Supreme Court like the House, America might yet be saved.

I’m hearing the familiar argument that the latest implosion of the Republicans only helps the Democrats.

The Democrats (plus RINOs) don’t need any help. They are fully in control of the agenda and the government, and have been for decades or longer.

It doesn’t really matter. Most of the Republicans are bought and sold, at this point. The two parties are fused. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi will take over again. Real Americans prepared to be done with both of these parties must be prepared to walk away, fight or simply submit.



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