America’s Fate: It’s in OUR Hands

“Donald Trump will destroy America,” say the ridiculous people who believe he is the cause of all our problems.

I would rather see America end in a blaze of glory and principle under Donald Trump than have it continue, on and on, with a succession of dreary, nasty sycophants like Joe Biden.

But it’s not even a choice. America is over, if the Joe Bidens of the world are to be representative of our nation. This type stands for weakness, moral and fiscal bankruptcy, the end of the middle class (via deliberately induced inflation) and the end of the Bill of Rights. Without prosperity, strength and freedom, what good is America? What else made us special?

Weakness and misery, for all but the politically connected elite, will continue under Biden, and under the next puppet, and under the next puppet after that. It doesn’t really matter who’s pulling the strings. The problem is that there are strings to pull. In a free country, the government would exist solely to uphold the rights of the individual. Otherwise: What use is it?

Donald Trump may not be Thomas Jefferson or James Madison or George Washington. But, in his own way, he’s the embodiment of those values in the modern day. If you don’t think he’s the best we can do, then blame it on our times — not on him.

Trump at least understands — and based on his actions while in office and since, appears to mean — that the Bill of Rights is the overriding reason for America’s existence.

He also seems to grasp that in America — or in any truly free country — the government is the servant of the people. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. The people are not in service to the government. The moment you think that you owe even 5 minutes to somebody simply because they hold the power of guns and you do not, you are a slave. You are on the plantation, literally or figuratively. The idea that you are the servant of the grotesque figureheads and oligarchs we’ve installed in power now — well, that’s just plain sick.

I would prefer to see America go down fighting rather than to go out with a whimper, especially with a crime family like the Bidens exercising power over millions of their moral and intellectual superiors.

I would much prefer America to rise again, if it can. The people will have to make this happen … not Donald Trump. America began because enough people wanted to be free, and had the conviction that freedom is man’s proper moral state. If America’s to continue, it will have to be for the same reason.



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