What Education Is NOT

“The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.”

— Alexandra K. Trenfor


Yes, indeed. In other words: The precise opposite of what teachers do today.

More than ever, today’s universities and primary/secondary schools are indoctrination mills. They don’t merely spew propaganda; they present only one side of the story — implying that any other side is irrational.

It would be rational to teach: “1 plus 1 equals 2. No other answer is correct.”

Most subjects are not like this.

It’s not rational to teach economics solely from the Marxist perspective. It should be taught that capitalism is one point of view, and socialism is another point of view, and explain the differences. Leave the student to decide for himself.

Ditto for ethics. Self-sacrifice as the ideal is one point of view. Individualism is another point of view. Describe both, as well as any other approaches to ethics. Encourage questions. Answer the questions as the proponents of each point of view would answer them. If pressed, some teachers will tell you what they think is correct — but only after presenting all the options.

Ditto for “climate science,” which actually isn’t science (at least according to many scientists). Ditto for disease and vaccination theory. The pharmaceutical companies funded by the government are NOT the final and only authority on the subjects. Learning consists of getting other opinions and facts that contradict the dogma of a Fauci.

The purpose here isn’t merely “fairness,” although fairness and objectivity are important side benefits. The purpose here is to teach a child and young adult HOW TO THINK. Even when giving his opinion, a good teacher shares not just his conclusions; he shares the thinking process that led to his conclusions. Assuming he shares his conclusions at all.

The essence of propaganda is to teach only ONE conclusion and ONE thinking process leading to the conclusion. Call this what you want … it is NOT education.

Yet that’s what almost every child gets today — yes, from government schools. But also from the government. The corporate world. The sports and entertainment worlds. From celebrities. From even churches, if you count leftist churches and the Communist Pope. ONE point of view. That’s all anyone is getting.

Is it any wonder we’re in trouble?


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