Barbarians in the Capitol — and I Don’t Mean January 6

If you or I attend a peaceful protest at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, we’re charged with felonies merely for being there. Yet this barbarian in a suit who somehow became a Congressman sets the alarm off in the Capitol because he feels like the vote won’t go his way. What do you think will happen to him? Less than what will happen to Hunter Biden.

As for the “bipartisan budget deal” that prevented yet another government “shutdown” at the last minute … “Bipartisan” ALWAYS means: Leftist. WE ONLY HAVE ONE PARTY.

The savage in the suit setting off the fire alarm in the Capitol isn’t mad because the government isn’t spending enough. He’s mad because the government cannot possibly spend enough, in his view. There is nothing that will make these barely human creatures happy, because happiness is not their goal. Unlimited power is their goal, as is destruction for everything that makes life on earth worthwhile. That’s what makes them nihilists: People who pursue destruction for the sake of destruction. There’s no redeeming such lost souls.

Poor Kevin McCarthy and these other hapless Republicans and conservatives in Congress. Arguing with Democratic Communists over the budget is worse than arguing over the arrangement of the deck chairs on the Titanic, as it sinks.

It’s more like arguing with the hijackers of the planes on 9/11 about how to crash the plane safely.

You cannot negotiate with evil people.

We don’t need a new budget. We need a new republic. It’s time to start over.



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