Freedom is Evaporating in America

“It is destroying our legal system. It is weaponizing our legal system for ideological and partisan purposes and whether you’re a Democrat like me or a Republican, you should be appalled at this because today it’s Trump, tomorrow it’s you.”

— Alan Dershowitz, referring to New York state’s lawless, unprecedented seizure of Donald Trump’s assets

Leftists assume it will never be them. It will be interesting to see if that turns out to be true, or not.


Totalitarians occupying what used to be America’s government. Now THAT’S a state of emergency.


“Biden waives 26 laws to build border wall in Texas.”

I am guessing that all the leftists, RINOs, “libertarians”, “Objectivists” and others who support Biden’s regime over all things Trump must be quite upset over this.



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