What Happened to America?

Most people do not understand: The United States is already in a second civil war.

The overwhelmingly favorite opposition candidate for president (a former president) is being charged with crimes. The party in power is preparing to put him in jail. Yes, they’ll go through the motions of “rule of law.” They’re rushing it, brazenly on a timetable to fit with the election calendar. It’s almost funny, it’s so on the nose. But the laws being upheld are — well, made up. Judges are literally giving political opinions — “Donald Trump is a crook” — without evidence. Nor do they seem to think evidence is necessary. They’re treating political opinions as if they’re convictions. All they care about is optics — that it looks like they’re going through due process. Everyone asks, “Will Donald Trump be convicted?” They never ask, “Of what?” In the meantime, the son of the creepy, demented puppet still in power — Hunter Biden, the coke-addicted and whore-addicted transmission unit for the income of his crime family — has been charged with breaking actual laws. We all know he’s not ever going to be in jail.

The party in power using intimidation tactics and threatening to put the major opponent in jail? Yes, that’s banana republic stuff. It’s also the stuff of a country in civil war. Because millions of us are madder than hell. All it takes is one match — and you’ll see a conflagration. I don’t know who or what the trigger will be. But we’re close to one.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights are enforced selectively. Governors of states of the Party in power reserve the right to suspend all or parts of the Bill of Rights whenever they declare an “emergency.” An emergency means: when their power is threatened. This is the stuff of dictatorships. The minute anyone fights back — and millions of Americans are, in some sense, prepared to fight back — then it’s a civil war.

If you think for one minute that the sociopaths in power will allow Donald Trump to win the general election next year and that Joe Biden (or Gavin Newsom, or Michelle Obama, or whomever) will step aside gracefully, as the loser — you haven’t been paying ANY attention. This will not happen. The Party in power is there to stay. The Republicans are just a nominal opposition power. RINOs (the majority of Republicans in power, I now believe) are in pretty open alliance with the Commiefascists who call themselves Democrats. There are a few pretty good eggs in the Republican party, I suppose, but simply by being part of the Establishment regime, they remain part of the problem. They remain enablers of evil and corruption, whether they mean to or not.

This regime in power is not reformable; it’s an occupying force. I don’t know how we’re going to get rid of this occupying force. It seems like mass passive resistance might be a good place to start. This would destabilize their power, and distract them, which would admittedly be dangerous — but arguably not as dangerous as a growing tyranny.

As a psychotherapist for 35 years, I have watched human nature in action. I understand denial is a comfort. To some degree, it’s perhaps even essential to help fortify one’s mind and body for a coming and inevitable conflict. You see that with marriages or families falling apart. You see it with things like substance abuse. “There’s an elephant in the living room.” People ignore the problem, and almost pretend it isn’t there, because it’s too difficult and painful to face. Inevitably, it all blows up. It ALWAYS blows up, because it has to. Sometimes there’s even a better result, after all the pain. But the pain is unavoidable. It’s coming, and in varying degrees people sense it. Their primary struggle — psychologically speaking — is their struggle NOT to sense it.

But it’s coming. Donald Trump has been the catalyst. Whatever his fate, I believe the climax to the story of America’s fall will revolve and center around him. But he was never the full story. The full story is the fall of our republic — the end of the rights of man. In principle, those rights will always exist. America’s story (1776-2020) was an early chapter in the struggle to uphold man’s rights. We are the generation that lost them. But any generation — including, even, our own — could remain the generation to win them back. It starts with facing reality; the facts. Most of us are not yet doing that.




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