Republican “Debate” : Why Bother?

The purpose of watching the Republican debate:

If Donald Trump were not the overwhelming favorite for the Republican nomination (jail or not) … If any of the candidates really believed a word they said … If any of the candidates had any chance of winning the presidency, given the election fraud so successfully orchestrated openly in the last two elections … If any of the candidates understood that the value of the presidency only exists because of the freedom that once existed in the country … If any of the candidates were smart enough to grasp that in the unlikely event he or she GOT the Republican nomination, instead of Trump, he or she (along with his or her family, including any young children) would subsequently be slaughtered by the ruthless, sociopathic totalitarians running the Party and their media … If any of these candidates weren’t prepared to do ANYTHING (and I mean ANYTHING — including, most especially, the shockingly duplicitous DeSantis) for the cool feeling of becoming “President” …

If ANY of these things were true — if even ONE of them were true — then it might be worth it to watch their so-called debate.

Otherwise: why bother?



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