Leftists Have No Boundaries: They Will Do Anything

I keep hearing from people how Democrat (translation: Commiefascist) friends and relatives shame, condemn and even ostracize them for supporting Trump, or any other Republican, or even for challenging the green/medical/socialist/woke orthodoxy of our era.

The people Democrat voters applaud and vote for are presently indicting and imprisoning anyone who disagrees with them. They claim it’s upholding “the law,” but it’s really political persecution … plain and simple. They claim to be enlightened, on the leading edge and “progressive.” They’re progressive all right — just like malignancy (a disease) is progressive, spreading and ultimately eating up everything it destroys.

Leftists in power, who dominate the culture, are capable of ANYTHING. There is no limit to their irrationality and evil. Policies like deliberately turning thieves and violent criminals loose are not, and could not be, based on naivete or stupidity. They know what they are doing. It’s ruining America’s once great cities, and they feel no remorse for it; instead, they triple down.

Your friends and relatives who continue to vote for, and even applaud, these policies are capable of averting their gaze from anything.

Remember this as the tyrants in power start to really let loose.

Sadly, as America’s government turns against its own people, you may have the opportunity to learn who really loves you and stands by you, and who doesn’t. The (first) COVID fascism era was only the preface.



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