America is Run by TRAITORS

Leftists in Congress are foaming at the mouth. They’re righteously outraged that anyone should even consider impeaching the demented emperor. Even the ridiculously weak and meaningless “impeachment inquiry” offered by Republicans has got the perpetually outraged amoral-yet-moralistic freaks legislating away our Constitution more unhinged than usual.

Let’s get one thing straight:

Biden should not be impeached. He should be arrested. So should his family and Cabinet. Enough is enough.

No, it won’t happen. But it should. Hanging was considered the proper punishment for treason in the early days of the American republic. George Washington endorsed it in his colonial army. Today’s occupying government — members of the Biden regime, most members of Congress (all Dems, all RINOs), most of the nation’s Governors — are worse than anything seen back then. The Governor of New Mexico alone, in her attempt to suspend the Second Amendment, far surpasses the worst tyranny of King George III.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, no doubt running for President (they ALL lust to be President), has minimized the fact that his government is overriding local school districts and parents on the subject of secretly beginning gender alteration surgery on their young children.

Once the government assumes it may do anything to children without parental consent, your society is no better than Nazi Germany.

“The fascist far-left has two objectives that are at odds with each other. They want to destroy the country (their term is fundamentally transform), but they are also authoritarians at heart and they want to maintain control.” (from an article in The American Thinker blog)

Irrationality and evil are always littered with contradictions. To defeat and destroy evil, you must identify and expose their contradictions — and turn them against your enemy.

If you do this, you will win.

We are up against evil unprecedented in the history of this country. There are almost no words for how bad it is. They will not go quietly. They will have to be decisively defeated. Right now, they’re winning absolutely everything.

Our only hope is their complacency and arrogance will come back to bite them: When — and if — the good, silent majority ever rises and roars like a lion.

That’s our only hope.



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