President Michelle: They Can’t Go THAT Far … Can They?

They Can’t Go THAT Far … Can They?

It’s entirely plausible Michelle Obama will be president in 2 years.


Joe Biden is a mess. Even Democrats who only read the New York Times or who only watch CNN — or who only listen to what their sports, rock and movie stars tell them to think — realize it. One of these days, the man will simply collapse, and while it would be a blessing in some ways, it would also be impractical for the tyranny occupying America to lose their puppet.

Instead of a puppet, why not a figurehead? Michelle Obama will be the perfect figurehead for those who seek to retain and expand their authority over the lives and livelihoods of what were supposed to be sovereign individuals — who were supposed to be protected by a Bill of Rights that is now routinely ignored and only selectively applied.

Biden was selected — not nominated. He was lagging behind in the Democratic primaries in 2020. Bernie Sanders was probably going to win. But the powers-that-be saw to it that Biden was selected as the nominee, not Sanders. And the same powers-that-be saw to it that Biden, while lagging behind Donald Trump at 1 am on Election Night, would suddenly be able to eke out a victory with a tiny margin by 4 am on Election Night, especially after mail-in votes were suddenly found, data dumps were orchestrated and water pipes inexplicably burst amid cries of, “Nothing to see here.” They learned from what happened in 2016 that it must never happen again (and it will not).

The same thing will happen in 2024, no matter who the Democrat is. In our hearts AND our minds, I think most of us know that. We don’t need another scamdemic. The powers-that-be got away with all of their fraud in 2020 and (I believe) 2022 as well. When you empower criminals by doing absolutely nothing to stop them, in effect you encourage them. The Democratic Party (like much of the Republican establishment, to be honest) is a criminal enterprise. It’s a gigantic mafia with trained police who actually think they’re still fighting for a free country when in fact they’re enabling the most dangerous sociopaths the world has yet seen.

Given the overwhelming evidence of what we know, of what these dictators are doing right out in the open and laughing about it … to say nothing of the things we don’t know about … it’s entirely plausible that the powers that be will select and install Michelle Obama. Of course, they might do it with somebody else. But since Obama’s people are probably central to the oligarchy willfully destroying America, it makes a lot of sense that if his nasty wife wants the job, she will get the job.

If you think, “No, even they won’t go that far,” then think again. They’ve ALREADY gone that far. Michelle Obama as president will just be the icing on the cake.



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