10 Points Ahead?

10 points ahead? That’s what ABC and the Post are finding.

The most interesting question isn’t whether the poll is accurate. It’s whether the regime, Deep State and Establishment believe it. If they do, they will become desperate, and desperate sociopaths are dangerous. They will repeat what works: flu lockdowns, riots and looting in cities with police standing down. But they will go much further. Arrests, alliances with banks and social media to control people, as we saw last year in Canada. Possibly FEMA camps (or FBI camps, CDC camps) for those who are deemed “threats to democracy.” Leftists and RINOs are capable of literally anything. They are not simply immoral; they are totally amoral.

Be vigilant and ready either way. If Trump loses, we all go down with him as America will become an official dictatorship. If Trump somehow wins, all hell will break loose. I maintain there is no going back. The tipping point came in 2020.



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