The Latest Government Shutdown Battle: A Skirmish Over Nothing

It’s sadly and predictably hilarious to watch the Republicans in Congress deal with the “government shutdown” issue. For decades it has always been the same: They lose the standoff every single time. Even if Republicans had a super majority in Congress, they would still lose.

Why? Because leftists and RINOs don’t have to concede anything to win. Their premise is: “Big Government is good. Unlimited spending is good. Who are YOU to try and stop us? Who are YOU to shut down the government?” Sincere Republicans, if any are left, want the government’s size and scope reduced. If they had courage, they’d look at the government shutdown battle as an opportunity to win for a change.

“OK, leftists and RINOs. We’ll let the government shut down. We know you’re not going to let Social Security payments stop. Or services for veterans. We know you’re not going to shut down your woke military. The rest of the federal government? Including even your precious, weaponized DOJ, FBI? It can all go to hell — until you’re ready to reduce spending and federal power.”

THAT would be an unusual position for leftists and RINOs to be in.

But it will never happen.

Republicans — even the minority who may be good guys — don’t have that kind of courage. The longer they’re in D.C. (4 years or more), the truer it becomes. They want the cocktail parties. They want the perks. They want the social climbing schools for their kids. They want the connections that — in the shadows — lead them to become almost as rich as Democrats. They want to be IN.

And nobody who wants to be IN will challenge the Establishment. Nobody wants to end up like Donald Trump. God forbid!

So there it is. The same dance they’ve danced for decades. Poor Kevin McCarthy. There’s nothing innovative or courageous about the loss he absolutely will suffer in this latest skirmish over nothing.


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