The Trump Gag Order and What It Means for the First Amendment

In the first major lawsuit to block Donald Trump from Colorado’s 2024 presidential ballot, a state judge issued a protective order prohibiting threats and intimidation in the case, according to AP.

Imagine if this had been the state of affairs at any other time in American history. Pick your favorite past American president. Lincoln. Jefferson. Reagan. It doesn’t matter — FDR or Wilson, if you prefer. Imagine if a state or federal judge had been permitted to rule, “This candidate is too threatening and intimidating. Therefore, he cannot speak.” Or — worse — his speech is subject to approval by the government.

It’s inconceivably unAmerican. Imagine if this had been the policy at the time of the American Revolution. Oh, that’s right: It was. That’s one of the major reasons for the Declaration of Independence and the years-long war to overthrow British tyranny.

Who is going to overthrow today’s tyranny, and how? That’s the only remaining question. One thing is certain. So long as the vast majority of us remain sheep and stand by passively and helplessly, complying with it all, saying things like, “Well, Donald Trump had mean tweets, so he deserves what he gets”… then the rest (including our Bill of Rights) will soon be history. Assuming it isn’t already.

Remember, that’s YOUR freedom of speech, YOUR inalienable rights, YOUR liberty and your children’s liberty that’s being erased here. Once the government has the authority to decide which presidential candidates you may or may not hear, then it’s over. Once the government has the authority to subjectively determine what is or is not “threatening” or “intimidating” speech and then act on that whim by political motives alone … it’s over.

It’s no surprise the governor of New Mexcio thought she could use an executive order simply to suspend the Second Amendment. Where are the millions ready to topple this monstrous government we have created?



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