The Chinese Communist Party Now Runs America

Wuhan Institute of Virology Warns Another Coronavirus Outbreak “Highly Likely.”

Oh, right. The Chinese Communist Party says there’s a health crisis, so America will have to completely shut down its economy and its civilizaiton — once again. Oh, and Fauci will make another cool $10 billion.

You wouldn’t have found a plot this bizarre in a bad political thriller novel just five years ago. Yet here we are … again.

You’ve got to hand it to the Commiefascists, both in China and America. They beat down opponents on every front. Imprison Trump and all who were loyal to him. Utilize social media and leftist-run cities to ensure censorship, ballot fraud. Lock people down for no reason. Vax them with unknown substances, regulate them into oblivion and hyperinflate their currency until there is no more middle class — just elite crime families like the Bidens and Obamas, and hordes of impoverished.

Commiefascists are destroyers, not producers. They will again end up on the ash heap of history, because they can do nothing to enhance any part of human life. But tragically, they can and will generate so much unnecessary and painful destruction in the meantime.



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