America’s Dark, Green Future

Someone asked me: When will the young people wake up and realize we’re totally on the wrong course, that capitalism and freedom are superior to socialism and unlimited government?

They’ll wake up when hyperinflation or other disasters set in. Because of the brainwashing, most of them will blame capitalism and anything but the real causes. Remember, they’re not just wrong. They’re ignorant. So are most of their parents, by the way.

You can conclude, “Wow, I guess capitalism is better after all and we should move in that direction.” They were only exposed to one side. There is no other option.

They’ll support doubling and tripling down on the disaster, just like presently happens in Central America, South America, Russia, much of Europe and most of the world. Oh, and they’ll also favor tripling down on the enviro-fascism based on nonexistent man-made climate change; the up and coming generation is more committed to green fascism than they are either to Communism or socialism.

All three — socialism, Communism and green fascism — lead to the same result: the decline and the end of the middle class; the war of all against all created NOT by unfettered capitalism, but by Marxism.

The green agenda does the same thing Soviet Marxism in America would have done: Gradually give government control over the entire private sector. Instead of doing it in the name of abolishing the middle class (Americans would never have signed on for that), they do it in the name of  “saving the environment.” And we’re expected to believe these totalitarians in Washington DC can predict the weather 1000 or 10, 000 years from now.

Oh, and if you don’t comply — well you’re also a “racist.” Why not throw that in? Since that unearned guilt has worked with absolutely everything else, just as COVID did.

Marxists in universities, going back to the 1970s and 1980s if not before, reasoned that America could have a Communist revolution, not as Russia and China did, but through the green movement. And they are succeeding. The overwhelming majority of under 30 in America take it for granted that “climate change” is a clear and present danger; and that government must be given all the power it wants to abolish climate change.

COVID is just a fun side trip for our tyrants in power. It was also an important test to see how compliant most Americans can be counted on to be. Wow — the vast majority, based on our experiences in 2020-22.

Green fascism will be the real end of America, just as I predicted in the midst of COVID back in spring 2020. It’s happening now.

Man-made climate change that’s on the verge of destroying us all — why, that’s simply a matter of fact, and if you question it — well, you must be crazy. A lot of older folks react this way too.

That’s the essence of propaganda. It doesn’t say, “Here are two sides, and one of them is wrong.”

They simply present the one side, and imply that if you thought otherwise, you’d have to be delusional.

When today’s young people wake up one day at age 40 or 50 or 70 and realize what they’ve done, they’ll blame capitalism. And racism. And their history books will all say Donald Trump caused it, too.

That’s what ignorance looks like.



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