Reality Is Coming At You, America!

“A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country.”

Increasingly, in America, this will be literally true.

They’re no longer just sacrificing our wealth and income. They’re now demanding our very lives.

No more fossil fuels? That will kill millions. They don’t care. If you are one of those millions — tough.

An experimental medical treatment you’re not allowed to ask about, to be imposed by force? Even if it kills you, since the manufacturer has ZERO civil or criminal liability? They don’t care. If you are one of the thousands or even millions killed — tough.

The ability of the government to arbitrarily declare an emergency so that the Second Amendment can be suspended for 30 days — subject to renewal by that government’s subjective feeling every 30 days? And the First Amendment too — why, the whole Bill of Rights, while we’re at it. Why not? What if your inability to defend against criminals and thugs (including those now working for the government) gets you killed? Tough.

Individual rights are inconvenient obstacles to unlimited government. At present, unlimited government is winning — even in America. It’s winning all of the battles as well as the war.

That’s where we literally, really are. Awake yet? Planning to fight back yet?

Or will you just keep rolling over?

You can evade the decision. But you cannot evade the consequences of your decision. Reality is coming at you!



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