The Geezer Factor

We keep hearing how career politicians are staying in office far beyond their cognitive capacity. Even though they’re demented or having repeated strokes, they’re still permitted to vote away our rights and spend other people’s money (or nonexistent money).

Don’t you get it? The fact that the age and cognitive capacity of senior Senators — even a President now — does not matter is revealing. It reveals that cognition IS NOT NEEDED to do what they do. Senator Dianne Feinstein has given her daughter power of attorney, in effect, to vote for her. I’m sure it’s not the very first time in American history this has happened. But what’s different now: They’re doing this out in the open. And it has become the norm. The government is so morally and fiscally broke that the mental, basic cognitive capability of its most powerful members does not matter.

Redistribution of wealth, like so much else, has become automated. It’s pitiful, but true.



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