Ukraine: The Biggest Money Laundering Operation in Human History

Yes, the “Ukraine war” is not a war for freedom. It’s the biggest money laundering operation in human history. It’s not a case of good vs. evil. It’s a case of evil vs. evil. Let them destroy each other.

These POOR SAPS who say it’s a noble thing to pour billions of American currency into Ukraine. They’re conservatives, libertarians and Objectivists. They KNOW Biden, McConnell and the gang are scummy criminals. Yet they assume the deals these criminals have arranged with this questionable Ukraine actor must somehow be noble.


If Tony Soprano did business with Ukraine, you would dismiss it out of hand. Yet when Biden does it, in the midst of objective evidence of how he and his cocaine-addicted son have benefitted from it all … well, that’s ok. Of course Putin is a tyrannical villain. BUT SO IS OUR OWN GOVERNMENT.


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